Andverse workshop#1 is coming

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Andverse workshop#1 is coming

Let us take you into the world of the multiverse  and start your unprecedented exploration of the metaverse and blockchain. In this workshop event, you will have the opportunity to get in touch with a 3D metaverse and discuss the construction of the metaverse with all industry insiders.

Event time: August 28, 10:00-11:30 (UTC +4), 14:00-15:30 (UTC +8)
Organizer: Andverse
Twitter: @AndverseOfficial
How to participate: Zoom: 849 4565 8287, Password: 229898
Free 🆓

Sign up for the online sessions during the event to explore the construction of the Metaverse with industry professionals you are interested in, and let professionals guide you into the world of Andverse. In response to social needs, the metaverse is developed to make our lives more fulfilling and beautiful, but the various problems that arise in the process cannot be solved in a short time, such as privacy issues and monopoly issues. We are committed to exploring a more decentralized, more secure, more flexible, and more interesting metaverse. This event invites all friends who are interested in the development of the Metaverse to join. Participants can become the first players to create “The Matrix” by themselves. Let’s start your creative journey and make a money journey together. We will introduce you to this 3D world and take you to explore the Andverse.

The details:
Andverse is a decentralized multigalactic world. The Andromeda metaverse, referred to as Andverse for short, will lead different players to open a new virtual experience in the world of blockchain. In this multiverse world—Andverse, there are infinite possibilities waiting for players to discover and explore, and Planet #3, which has been discovered at this stage, will serve as the starting point for players. Starting from here, with our own land resources, let us build a world where consensus belongs. Realize your architectural, design and furnishing dreams. In this decentralized world, you can lease land, display digital collections that you own, or rent digital collections to other players for decoration. Here, you will be able to have your own store, build your own brand, and start playing to earning. Let’s look forward to a decentralized personal ID in Andverse.

Participation time:
14:00-14:20 Experience the Andverse Metaverse
14:20-14:50 Learn about metaverse-related technologies
14:50-15:20 Create and deploy the scene of Andverse together
15:20-15:30 Q&A session

Kind tips:

  1. From 23:59 on August 27th, we will close the registration window for this event, but we have prepared additional places for those who missed the registration. They can join the meeting directly and our staff will take care of them.
  2. This event is free for everyone to participate in and is open to the public, regardless of whether they know the Metaverse or not.
  3. For users who participate in the event, if you want to know more about specific matters, please enter Telegram or follow the official Twitter to communicate with us by private message. Telegram: Contact @andromedametaverse
  4. After entering the meeting, please keep the mute state. If you need to speak and then turn it on, you can selectively turn on the video mode. Encourage everyone to actively speak, take the initiative to ask questions and discuss.

Free entry for everyone, whether you are the creator of the metaverse, someone interested in digital projects or someone interested in the blockchain.
Participants please ⬇️ comment your email here.
Andverse workshop #1

People who should be involved:
o Enthusiasts, owners and researchers of digital products
o Blockchain developers
o Those who are interested in blockchain API and DID
o Investors and initiators of digital projects
o People in the blockchain community
o Defi researchers
o Metaverse lovers