Monthly Recap(01/11 - 30/11)

Andverse Core Devs Andverse Core Devs Follow Nov 30, 2021 · 1 min read


Monthly Recap(01/11 - 30/11)

In November 2021, we officially launched the Andverse project.


  • On November 11, 2021, we launched Market v0.1, where users can Mint lands and prepare for the next step of managing land and building interaction scenarios.
  • Created twitter, discord, telegram, medium and other communities.
  • Improve the official website information, add roadmap, subscription and other feature.
  • Documentation website launched.


  • Andverse Market v0.1 Launched.

In Progress:

  • Writing whitePaper v0.2.
  • Development
    • Development of Market v0.2 features: new maps, parcel composition and splitting, etc..
    • Community development planning, including documentation, meetings, AEP (Andverse Evolution Proposal), etc;
  • marketing
    • Improving the onboarding process and introducing brand partners.